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Windows Phone Text To Speech is a wrapper class for Microsoft Translation. The device must have internet for text to speech to work. An AppId is also needed for this to work.


Public Properties  

Name Description
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.AudioIsPlaying Determines if synthesized speech is playing.

When set to "true" (the default), Zune media playback is interrupted by speech. When set to "false," speech is concurrent with Zune media play. 


Sets language preference for speech. Default is English ('en').

List of available languages can be found at:   <-- Append with your AppID.

wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.TranslatedText Contains the translated text value when Translate method is called.
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.SpeakLanguages List of available languages for speech synthesis (populated when LoadLanguageCodes method is called): <-- Append with your AppID.

wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.TranslatableLanguages List of available languages for text translation (populated when LoadLanguageCodes method is called):   <-- Append with your AppID.


Public Methods  

Name Description
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.LoadLanguageCodes Loads both speech synthesis and text translation language codes.
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.Translate Translates the text string from one language to another.
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.SpeakText  Speaks text (in the specified language).

Event handlers

Name Description
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.SpeakingStatusChanged Raises event when TTS audio starts or stops.
wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.TextTranslated Raises event when text translation completes.

Raises event when speech synthesis language codes populate.

wpSpeech.SpeechTTS.TranslatableLanguagesReady  Raises event when translatable language codes are populated.

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